The darkened areas on the map are those areas experiencing nighttime. The lighted areas are those experiencing daytime. Since the earth is rotating to your right, night gradually moves westward. What you are seeing here in Jerusalem is a little after sundown or AFTER “eventide.” By the way, Jewish Holidays begin at 6:00PM the previous day.  So, for example, Trumpets,  will begin at 6:00 PM on the day BEFORE it is celebrated. 6:00PM in Jerusalem is 11:00AM eastern time in the United States.  When it is “eventide” in Jerusalem, that is when the line of dark and light are ON Jerusalem, ALL of the Western World is experiencing daylight. The United States, Europe, and Russia are experiencing daylight. The Asian countries are experiencing nighttime. Therefore, IF the rapture does take place at “eventide” In Jerusalem, then, virtually ALL the nominally Christian world, will be awake. Since more people are in cars, buses, and planes during the day than at night, more catastrophes (and chaos) will occur in the United States, Europe, Russia (as a result of the disappearance of many at the Rapture).  "Eventide", the time of the evening, may be a little after the 6:00PM start of the Jewish Day, say 6:30PM, making it 11:30 AM eastern time in the United States.