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I was "surfing the net" for lack of other things to do and came across your website.
Please answer me this question about Hell.  (I know it's a controversial subject but I am honestly curious.)
How can Hell have degrees of punishment?  If all the wicked are thrown into the lake of fire, is there other punishment as well?  (Will some be in a deeper spot while others will be on the shoreline etc?)  Who will go where?
I'm curious to know because I have accepted the fact that as per the Christian I'm going to Hell.  (Which is the main reason I am not a Christian.)  I would like to know what level I'll be at. 
I have read and studied various beliefs and can honestly state that I understand what is needed for salvation as per the Christian and have no desire to accept Jesus as my saviour.  I hate the righteousness that God represents and would prefer evil over good.  My goal in life is to "piss God off" by being as wicked as I can be and since I truly feel that I will either get to Heaven my way (If I want to go there) or that Hell will not be so bad I'm really not afraid of being told that I'm going to Hell.  My only concern is that if there truly is a Hell, and I go there will I be able to accept the fact that I was wicked enough?


Your question- My only concern is that if there truly is a Hell, and I go there will I be able to accept the fact that I was wicked enough? is a question  that every living soul will have answered for them.  This includes BOTH the saved and the lost.  The ONLY way a person CAN be saved is to first come to the truth that he is indeed wicked.  All people are wicked and everyone will be judged.  The difference is this - the saved will be shown by the Lord that they are wicked and in need of the Savior.  The Savior cancels the legal debts of the saved sinner because the Savior has ALREADY SUFFERED and DIED in the place of the sinner.  God is totally righteous and His righteousness demands spiritual death as the penalty for sin. 
The lost sinner will be shown that he is wicked also (after it is too late to repent.)  The lost will be in Hell (and ultimately the Lake of Fire) while being shown that he is wicked.  In Hell (and the Lake of Fire) there will be "gnashing of teeth" and "weeping" and " wailing."  However, the Bible does not specifically say that they will be "weeping" because they BELIEVE they are wicked.  They could just as easily spend eternity in the Lake of Fire "wailing" and " weeping" because they do NOT believe they are wicked.  The Bible does say that EVERY KNEE shall bow and every tongue SHALL CONFESS that JESUS is LORD.   Though the Bible does not specifically say that the lost will agree with the LORD, they must.   Here is why.  The lost WILL acknowledge that JESUS is LORD. Then, it would be accurate to say that Jesus WILL be acknowledged as LORD over ALL.  ALL includes the definitions of wickedness and righteousness.
Therefore, it is accurate to say that you will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire "weeping" and " wailing" over (among other things) the fact you were justly condemned to eternal torment because you will agree that you ARE wicked .
Every good work is done by the Lord Himself.  I knew in my own mind that CHRIST DIED FOR ME.  However, I also knew that  I did not feel like laying my "crowns" at His feet.  In due course the LORD actually showed me what a sinner I am and HE  (the CREATOR of the universe, the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the Great I AM who spoke to Moses and Abraham, who existed from eternity past, but was born in a manger in Bethlehem) PERSONALLY BROKE me and disciplined me (child-trained me) and TAUGHT me and BROKE the SEALED FORTRESS of my own corrupt mind until the GLORIOUS LIGHT of the SON of GOD came in and shined in the dark recesses of my wicked heart and the MORNING STAR (JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF) ROSE in MY HEART!!
Remember, the LORD instructs those who are actually opposed to themselves. You are such a person and so was I.  
I implore you to diligently seek the Lord and ask the Almighty YOURSELF this question (while believing in your heart that HE WILL ANSWER YOU)-
Lord, please show me I am a sinner before it is too late and give me faith to believe you. 
In Jesus Name and for His sake, Amen.
You have the promise of the Lord Jesus - "Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out."   (not maybe will, but will) I can tell you that this promise is true.
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