The Carolina Wrens

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I have owned FIVE (5) houses, but I have never witnessed a family of birds raise their young in my garage.  This spring "Mom" and "Dad" Carolina Wren built their nest inside a coiled electric extension cable hanging on our garage wall.  Every day when I arrived in my garage (parking just three feet from the nest) I tiptoed around the emerging family.

I can now tell you exactly how and how long it takes for Carolina Wren Parents to coax their young from the nest.  Amazingly when we got up this morning "Mom" and "Dad" Wren were leaving the nest with their young.  "Mom" and "Dad" returned repeatedly to lead each chick out of the nest and across the driveway into the shrubbery.  One chick in particular was slow to leave and perched on the adjacent cables (for an hour) while "Mom" and "Dad" repeatedly returned until "fuzzy"  left his comfort spot and took his rightful place with the rest of the family.

All in all it took a little over one hour for all FIVE (5) family members ("Mom", "Dad", and the three chicks) to leave this place and move on in life (on June 2, 2002).  It was a blessing to watch.  Really, in the "twinkling of an eye" they were gone and we witnessed it.  Truly amazing.

My wife went out to inspect the nest and told me that ONE (1) egg had failed to hatch.  We said nothing to each other but later, while making our weekly trip to the grocery store, I asked my wife, "Do you realize there were SIX (6) family members, FIVE (5) made it to the promised land and ONE (1) was "Left Behind?"  She said (with a little moisture in her eyes) "I've been thinking about it all day."  

Well, friends, we have said that 5 represents GRACE and that the time of GRACE is about to end.  We have said that the number 6 represents the TIME of MAN, which is soon to start.  Now we know that the FIVE Carolina Wrens are gone and that the 6th was "Left Behind ."    Truly, there are no coincidences.

See the page on "FIVE (5) Means Grace ."

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