Is There Any Significance to the May 5th Alignment of  5 Planets?

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From the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Today, it is widely held by many historians and planetarium directors that a conjunction of the planets, similar to the one on May 5, accounts for the Star of Bethlehem that sent the Magi on their way to seek the Christ child. Certainly the timing was right. An almost identical triangular alignment of Saturn, Mars and Venus did take place on April 1, 2 B.C. And the planets Jupiter, Saturn and Mars also formed a triangular conjunction in 6 B.C., in the constellation Pisces, the sign of the Christians. However, renowned astronomical historian Prof. Owen Gingerich of the CfA disagrees. "The very, very short duration of a grouping of planets was not the Star of Bethlehem," he states. "A conjugation like this would have meant nothing to the Magi. It was not part of their astrological tradition. It really wasn't until Kepler became fascinated with the harmony of the planets in the 16th century that the idea of a planetary conjunction came about to try to attach a scientific explanation to this event.

The recent alignment of 5 planets took place in the 5th month on the 5th day of the month.  What does this mean?

Please read our web page on the number 5 and its signification of GRACE.    Is 5 Grace?

To the extent that our theory on Grace is correct, then, it naturally follows that the recent alignment has significance relative to grace.  Could this alignment be the announcement of the nearness of the END of the TIME of GRACE?  If it is, then, the rapture is near.

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