Traditional Kurdistan
The above geographical area shows that traditional Kurdistan cover parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey.
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By the way, an aside follows-  01-07-2006

A note for visitors referred to us from this link-
Contrary to what some say (, has absolutely nothing to do with this quote from the link above (their footnote references as an example of their quote which follows in italics)   -   The Assyrian communities either inside Turkey or abroad have not yet voiced their claim for territorial self-determination or autonomy. However, they might be encouraged to do so by certain pressure groups in the West who are deeply interested in reviving and promoting the ancient Christian heritage in the traditional Kurdish territories.     When I stop laughing at this, I will make a comment.

Such an assertion is truly laughable and a blatant misrepresentation of  Read the entire website and judge for yourself. has NO interest in any geographical territory and is assuredly NOT a pressure group (this assertion is comical for those that know this website; we are truly a nobody).  This website encourages everyone to DO NOTHING politically or religiously in any part of the world.  We are merely observers of world events and because we are "strangers and pilgrims" in this world, we have no agenda whatsoever.  We are waiting on the Lord and resting in Him.

  We are just showing you what the Rand-McNally map looks like.    Quoting from our main page- Now live peacably with all men, seek peace with all men, obey those in authority, pray for all leaders, be harmless as a dove, and believe the Lord.   Let each man be persuaded in his own mind of the truth of God.

The area marked above as Kurdistan is marked in the Rand McNally map itself.  We did not do that, the map company did it. (I outlined it in red because the dotted lines provided by Rand-McNally do not show up well.)  We are only pointing this out so that people in the West (who might not know) will know where "traditional Kurdistan" is located.  A reading of will certainly not subject the reader to any promotion of anything in traditional Kurdish territories (or any other place for that matter).   So, we will leave it to the reader to surmise who has an agenda.

However, dear reader, is it possible that we have discovered a potential strategy for some who could have an agenda?  Such a strategy could be used to stir up the people in that part of world and bring about social upheaval on account of a supposed promotion of ancient Christian heritage, a type of Clash of Civilizations?  Such a strategy could be used as cover story to "explain" what is happening, though nothing would be further from the truth. (It does make one wonder what is going on at Georgetown University, where the article originated.  How could harmless (and brilliant) Georgetown students be so victimized and made such pawns?  Chuckle.  We have pointed out previously that when the true pressure groups want to do something, there is always an intellectual ready to produce the "proof" of the need for such a policy, complete with ready made parties to blame and solutions.  This is not to say that there are no sincere honest Americans following or promoting these policies.  Many patriotic Americans believe they are doing the right things.  All we are saying is that the purposes of honest Americans might be different from the purposes of the real pressure groups.)  The real strategy?