Does U.S. "Occupation" of Iraq or Iraq War Precede Rev 6:2?

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Revelation 6:2   And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

Presented on another page is the scenario whereby the coming  invasion of Iraq is represented in the Bible in Revelation 6:2.  This scenario would require that the Rapture of the Church and the confirmation of the Mideast Peace Agreement and the establishment of a Palestinian state would  have to occur before  the invasion of Iraq.

However, another possibility scenario might be as follows.

In this scenario, the new "political entity" emerging after the overthrow of Saddam will be the one from which the "conquering" of Rev 6:2 will emerge.  President Bush stated that a "democratic Palestine " is still his objective (in the 01-28-2003 State of the Union address).  On the same day that President Bush made his speech, at the Likud party headquarters, a celebration was in full force after the elections favoring the Likud government.   Overheard on NPR radiocast was a reporter saying "they are presently dancing to a song which celebrates the COMING of MESSIAH."   This "messiah" will be the antichrist who confirms the peace covenant between Israel and the "democratic Palestine."  In the near future, after the military occupation of Iraq, you will see euphoria break out over the newly found (but to be short-lived) PEACE in the middle east.   The Bible says that the antichrist is from Assyria .  "Assyria" is modern day Iraq, Jordan, and environs.

The scenario:
1. The invasion (and/or occupation) of Iraq and the (perhaps even peaceful) overthrow of Saddam.  This will lead to a "political entity" with which the peace agreement with Israel can be made.  In step 4 below we see how the antichrist is given a "crown" (i.e., made ruler) over this new "entity."  In any case, the key here is the military occupation of Iraq (with or without a shooting war).

2. The Rapture of the Church

3. Confimation of the Mideast Peace

4. The establishment of an extended Palestinian state or new "political entity"

5. More conquering by the antichrist forces (other "axis of evil" nations, not Iraq).
    "conquering" Scenarios may be like the "three horns" plucked up .

6. Full emergence of the "beast empire" of Revelation 13:1

. Worship of the antichrist in the midst of the week (Dan 9:27, 2 Thes 2:4) and the awful choices .

Whether the scenario that has the Iraqi invasion being foretold in Rev 6:2 or whether this "alternative" (presented here) is true depends upon the following-

The first could only be true if the now existing, but not publicly known antichrist, has already PRIVATELY confirmed the peace agreement.  This is not an impossibility considering the travel and discussions already made by the Jordanian monarch .  He could already be promised the "crown", but, this is probably doubtful.  His interest in this "crown" could be attracted once the situation becomes clearer and full support is forthcoming from surrounding Muslim nations and others.   If the "confirmation" of the peace agreement is a PUBLIC event, then the present scenario is more likely.  Remember, however, that neither of these scenarios requires the creation of a "peace agreement", but an enforcement of an already existing peace agreement .

Ultimately, the "conquering" (after the peace treaty is "confirmed") will result in the beast empire.  This "beast" will arise and be fully developed three and one-half years into the tribulation, i.e., at the mid-point.  See Revelation 13 starting with verse 1.   Hence, the the first half of the tribulation includes those military expeditions of the antichrist which create his "home base" nation.  Three and one half  years is plenty of time to revamp the mideastern map, but World War will be the result, since many oppose the US sponsored hegemony in the mideast - Muslim nations and eventually the Russians and the Chinese.  This will result in the invasion of the "Kings of the East" and their 200,000,000 man army (Rev 9:16).  In addition, there will be  "Gog" invasion of Ezekiel 38-39 which will apparently precede the tribulation period..

Note that unlike previous World Wars, Europe is not the location and is not the primary focus.  If someone wanted to destroy the United States and the Muslim nations, would he not conjure up such a scenario as is unfolding.  This would leave the Europeans relatively unscathed and in a position of power in the supposed aftermath.  Of course, such a plan (if it exists) will be thwarted by the coming of the "Smiting Stone" of Daniel  2:44-45, the LORD Jesus Christ.

We have said for some time that the "conquering" and "to conquer " of Revelation 6:2 (carried out by the antichrist ) will originate in Iraq and environs, which is the location of antichrist's empire .   We have also said that this would be part of the " war on terror ."

From the following webpage
We read that a major political columnist, George Will, is expecting that the participation of Iraq in the "war on terror" is part of the "exit strategy" of the United States from the occupation of Iraq.
But regardless of what democracy should do, broadly and over time it must mean majority rule. In Iraq, the Shiite majority needs to be assured now that it will rule soon.

Violent Sunnis must be crushed. Shiites need an incentive — protecting their capacity to rule after elections — to crush them and to discipline their own ranks. Iraq's third component, the Kurds, have representative institutions up and running, and an army to strengthen their hand in negotiating favorable parameters of federalism. They also seem amenable to a U.S. military presence in their midst.

The results of elections, including theocratic elements, may be markedly unlovely. That may break the big hearts of those in the U.S. government who hope for a luminously liberal democracy to shame the entire Middle East into emulation, thereby justifying the war originally justified primarily by the threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. But pursuit of that ideal can impede achievement of something tolerable — a stable, perhaps illiberal, even authoritarian Iraq which cooperates in the war against terrorism. Call this an exit strategy.

"...and all the world wondered after the beast... who is able to make war with him?"  (Rev 13:3-4)

The "exit strategy" which includes "an authoritarian Iraq cooperat [ing] in the war against terrorism" will become the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.


We have also said that the eventual ten kings of the Bible would be an Arab coalition out of which would arise the antichrist.
From the following webpages
we read of military power being transferred to a former Republican Guard General (in conjunction with the political transfer of power)-

June 30 hand-over possible, U.N. told
Los Angeles Times 

UNITED NATIONS - As massive explosions lit up the night sky over the Iraqi city of Fallujah on Tuesday, U.N. envoy Lakhdar Brahimi said in New York that a caretaker government can be named by the end of May to take charge when the U.S.-led coalition transfers sovereignty on June 30.

Brahimi sketched his vision for Iraqi's transitional government to the U.N. Security Council on a day that news stations across the globe televised live images of a U.S. warplane raining cannon fire on insurgents' positions in the Sunni Muslim stronghold and the United States reported the deaths of more than 50 armed militiamen loyal to a radical Shiite cleric during battles near the holy city of Najaf on Monday.

Brahimi has urged that peaceful solutions be found to the standoffs in Fallujah and Najaf, saying Tuesday that the U.S-led forces know ``better than everyone else, that the consequences of such bloodshed could be dramatic and long-lasting.''
But although the planned hand-over of power is bound to be difficult and dangerous, Brahimi argued before the Security Council that it remains ``doable.''

``Is it possible for the process to proceed under such circumstances? Will it be viable? Will it be credible?'' he asked rhetorically. ``There is no alternative but to find a way of making the process viable and credible .''

Brahimi, a former Algerian foreign minister who was persuaded by the Bush administration and U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to create a blueprint for the tricky political transition in Iraq, is due to return to Baghdad at the beginning of May. There, he will consult with leaders of the U.S.-led occupation, the Iraqi Governing Council and other leading Iraqis to identify a group of people who would be given the responsibility for day-to-day administration of the country until elections can be held, as scheduled, next January.

Meanwhile, in Washington on Tuesday, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Negroponte underwent a three-hour hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on his nomination as ambassador to Iraq.

Negroponte, asked about the level of authority the United States will hand over to Iraq, said Iraqis will have ``a lot more sovereignty than they have right now,'' including control over the nation's ministries and its foreign policy. But Negroponte said that U.S.-led military forces would continue to oversee Iraqi security. ``They're going to be free to operate in Iraq as best they see fit,'' he told the Senate committee.

we read:

U.S. Marines Pulling Out of Fallujah, Placing in New Iraqi Security Force

Date Posted: Friday, April 30, 2004

CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq, April 30 (MASNET & News Agencies) - U.S. Marines announced terms of a pullback from Fallujah, including the formation of a new security force consisting of Iraqi army veterans to patrol the flashpoint city, as they began to pullout of the city after a three-week siege.
"As part of the overall effort to restore security and stability in Fallujah, the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force [1st MEF] is overseeing the formation of the first battalion of the Fallujah Brigade," the 1st MEF said in a statement Friday, reports Agence France-Presse (AFP).
"Until the battalion's units demonstrate a capability to man designated checkpoints and positions, Marines will continue to maintain a presence in and around Fallujah ... Coalition forces will maintain the right of freedom of movement in all areas of the AOR [area of operation]."
The withdrawal of Marines from Fallujah is "an opportunity, not necessarily an agreement" to end fighting for the city, the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, General John Abizaid, said.
"The opportunity is to build an Iraqi security force from former elements of the army that will work under the command of coalition forces and that will be mentored and work next to coalition forces," he told Pentagon reporters in a video teleconference from Qatar.
"We should be very careful in thinking that this effort to build this Iraqi capacity will necessarily calm down the situation in Fallujah tonight or over the next several days," said Abizaid.
U.S. Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt earlier confirmed in Baghdad the Marines were not retreating from Fallujah, and professed confidence in the commander of the new security force, General Jassem Mohammed Salah, who served in Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard.
"We are certainly not withdrawing from Fallujah. Nothing could be further from the truth," Kimmitt said.
The siege has killed 600 people, according to local doctors, and has become a source of grievance for many Iraqis, especially the once-dominant Sunni minority in Saddam's heartlands of the "Sunni triangle" west and north of Baghdad, reports Reuters news agency.
Scenes of flag-waving and jubilation from a crowd of about 1,000 Iraqis greeted Saleh as he arrived.
In a reversal of Washington's previous policy of excluding senior members of Saddam's Baathist regime from power, Saleh said his new force would help police bring order and relieve a month-long siege that has cost hundreds of lives, reports Reuters.
"We have now begun forming a new emergency military force ," he told the news agency, saying people in Falluja "rejected" U.S. troops.
A relative of Saleh said he had been chief-of-staff of a brigade of the elite Republican Guard before transferring to a regular infantry division. Senior officers were expected to be members of Saddam's Baath party. The U.S. occupying authority disbanded the 375,000-strong armed forces after last year's war, the news agency reports.
He will be taking over control of the city at the head of the newly-formed Fallujah Protection Army.
But Marine commanders insisted that their men, who pulled back from many positions during the day but fought guerrillas in others, would keep overall responsibility in the city and continue operations against suspected foreign fighters, reports Reuters.
They described Saleh's force of 1,000 or so former soldiers as an Iraqi battalion under U.S. control. But Saleh said local people wanted Fallujah to be run by Iraqi forces only.
The Marines also declared they had not budged on their demands to clean the city of insurgents and find the killers of four U.S. security guard contractors who were murdered and mutilated in Fallujah on March 31.
The murders led to the Marines to open a siege of the city on April 5.
The Marines' "objectives remained unchanged to eliminate armed groups, to collective and ... control all heavy weapons and turn over foreign fighters and disarm anti-Iraqi insurgents in Fallujah," the statement said.
When the Fallujah Brigade's 1st battalion has restored calm, it will work alongside police in "identifying the murderers and mutilators of the four American contractors on the 31st of March and the criminals responsible for the 14th February attack on the Fallujah police station," it said.
[this is fighting the "war on terror."]
That was a reference to the attacks by dozens of insurgents on the police and Iraqi paramilitary stations in Fallujah that claimed dozens of lives and resulted in the escape of at least 70 prisoners.
The statement also said Marines will allow the return of 200 families per day to the city when the situation has stabilized.
The commander of the 1st MEF, Lieutenant General James Conway, met Salah and the Marines praised the Iraqi veteran and the 200 men who showed up with him in Fallujah Friday.
"They look like they are ready to do business," Colonel John C. Coleman, the 1st MEF chief of staff, told reporters. "They have the full weight and support of the coalition forces."
Coleman also confirmed the new force had taken over Marine positions in the city and said the handover of security responsibility will be gradual .
"We had a transition of forces, as their forces came in line they supplanted ours," Coleman said.
"Day-by-day they'll judge us and we'll judge them... We're working ourselves out of a job."
It was unclear what influence the new Iraqi force in Fallujah has over the estimated 2,000 or so guerrillas, some of whom U.S. officials say are diehard Saddam supporters. Some 200 foreign Islamic militants have also been active, U.S. officials say.
One Marine officer said that if those Iraqis who had been fighting in Fallujah joined Saleh's force that would not be a problem for the U.S. troops: " It's not a bad thing because they're not on the wrong side," he told Reuters.

As we say about all the analysis on this website; it could well be wrong.  However, the Word of God is never wrong.  It certainly appears that the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ draws nearer.  It does not matter if the particulars of this website prove wrong or right.  What matters is that we understand the urgency of the situation, especially for those we know are still lost.

End 04-30-2004

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