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During a recent interview published on the internet, some interesting comments were made and these comments were discussed on the Rapture Ready Bulletin Board (    Many people on the Bulletin Board doubted the veracity of the interview, saying they were just "conspiracy" theories.  The following is a list of the internet-published comments made by an individual who has "studied the New World Order for over 50 years."  [I am withholding his name because I don't have his personal permission, even though the interview was widely published. ]

If you are going to study Babylon the Great without a proper relationship to the Lord, stop now. It will only serve to WORSEN your condition. Before you know it, you will be superior to others. I have met people with attitudes who enjoy watching the corruption that comes from the pride others.  The subject matter herein is to be treated with a certain trepidation.  There is no rejoicing herein, no celebration, just a foreboding sense of what is to happen on the earth.  The only reason to rejoice is that Jesus Christ Himself is returning soon.  He only is our hope.

The reason I was motivated to write on this subject is a Catholic friend told me of the benefits she received in the discussion.  Hopefully, others may benefit as well.  Writing about this is not a task I enjoy.  However, I do love you, I am concerned about where you spend eternity. I know the subject we are discussing means that Awful Choices will have to be made soon, and so I must continue.

1) A proper relationship with the Lord includes knowing that WE are NOTHING.
If you don't realize this, you become puffed up in pride when you learn something. This PRIDE is what got Satan started and is what DRIVES the ambitious, such as Babylon the Great. We must guard against PRIDE at all times. THAT is what makes a man the enemy of God and it is SO easy to fall into this sad state. Knowledge puffeth up, love builds up.

2) People actually enjoy criticizing others. Makes them feel superior. So, if you study Babylon the Great and you relish feeling superior because you are not like Babylon, you have taken the first step toward BEING a "Babylon." This is a dangerous situation. The Bible says we are not to SPEAK of evil. The reason? It gives others a false impression, the listener is PROUD. So, the listener believes YOU are PROUD too and that you are endorsing PRIDE. This is a dangerous thing. So, the ONLY way to discuss Babylon the Great is from a "prone" position, lest you become as guilty as they are.

To be in a "prone" position you must have a right attitude.

Pride is the enemy of God.

The Bible says there is an antichrist and there is a Babylon the Great.  Therefore, there is no denying that it is true.  Lest we be overtaken in pride ourselves, we must avoid "antichrist thinking."   If you do not understand what we have just said, there is no point in going forward to read this discussion.  

These are the Comments Discussed on the Rapture-Ready Bulletin Board
1. "It [the New World Order ]all starts with Rome ."
2. "The last 4 Popes have been anti-popes" and "the first requirement for being pope is being Catholic."
     [the implication here is that these popes were not traditional Catholics.]
3. "It all started with Vatican II."   (the New World Order)
4. "The globalists invented communism to further the New World Order ."

Several comments follow about the internet published interview as they relate to Bible prophecy.  These comments were made as an answer to the question "how can this possibly be true because this sounds absurd?"  

The reason for this webpage is to warn you of the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.  There is no other reason for me to tell you this.

1. "It all starts with Rome."  This is apparently a true statement (if you accept the words of Malachi Martin as true).

According to various sources:
Rome Has a Master Plan

There is an intellectual basis being put forward to justify
The Christian-Islam War

Malachi Martin, now deceased, a Jesuit priest, and former professor at the Vatican's Pontifical Bible Institute has said many things leading to a Biblical conclusion that the:
Vatican is the Mother of Harlots and Abominations

Malachi Martin's book clearly states that:
The Vatican is deeply involved in World Politics

One may conclude from Martin's statements and other sources that:
The Vatican has historically been involved in wars

When we say "Vatican" we are referring to the political structure in Rome, not church members, non-political priests, etc.
Even Catholic religious websites are critical of the State Department of the Vatican Curia, calling the current Secretary of State, tongue-in-cheek, Pope Sodano I.

2. "The last 4 Popes have been anti-popes "
This is apparently true if you believe the standard reports and descriptions of Vatican II 

i) John XXIII, "socialist" who started Vatican II which essentially was from 1958-1965
Within 48 hours of his coronation, he determined to get rid of the "pestilential rats" within the Vatican.  These "rats" to John XXIII were the resident CIA.

ii) Paul VI, "pink" became pope in 1963 (the word "pink" was in the CIA dossier on Montini, aka Pope Paul VI)

iii) John Paul I - many believed he was murdered - he was Pope for 30+ days because did not apparently appeal well enough to the intelligence community.

In fact, the Metropolitan Nikodim, a communist, was drinking tea with John Paul I a few days before John Paul I died. What happened to Nikodim? He apparently drank from the wrong cup and died in John Paul I's lap.  See Chick Publications.

According to the Jesuit priest Malachi Martin:
iv) John Paul II believes he is destined for being "Most Powerful Man on Earth"   According to Avro Manhattan, John Paul II was a "marxist" in that he believed in the overthrow of society. (See the Vatican Washington Moscow Alliance)

3. "It all started with Vatican II"

During Vatican II the USA became known as "Arch-Villain of all human history" according to Malachi Martin.

In fact, if you study Vatican II you find that the Vatican went from anti-Soviet to pro-Soviet during this period. (John XXIII and Paul VI 1958-1963). This scenario placed JFK in a terrible balancing act [ moving toward the new Vatican pro-Soviet position on one hand and placating the old-line U.S. Cold-Warriors on the other] which eventually resulted in his assassination.  JFK had fired the Vatican frequenting head of the CIA, Allen Dulles.  Dulles ended up on the Warren Commission (investigating the assassination).  JFK had threatened to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces."  Actually, the assassination of JFK may have been the most demonstrative example of 20th century politics and the event's connection with world power politics is inseparable.  We don't know who killed JFK, but we do know it was not Oswald.  The 1979 House Committee on Assassinations concluded that it was a conspiracy.  Plausible Denial by Lane (and other books) clearly demonstrate that it was the CIA.

4. "The globalists invented communism to promote the New World Order".

This is a statement very close to the truth as outrageous as it sounds.  Here's why you might think so-

i) When Lenin entered Russia by crossing through the lines of ALL WWI participants, guess how he pulled this off? He was riding in the sealed train of the Pope (flying the papal flag).  This is according to the books of Avro Manhattan.

ii) David Rockefeller made the statement that his company had done " unbroken business with the Soviet financial institutions for over 50 years. "  This is in L Fletcher Prouty's book JFK - the CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F Kennedy
Why would American companies do business with our "enemies"?

iii) In the book Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution , it is clearly documented that Wall Street financed the Bolsheviks.

iv) The papacy was interested in promoting the rise of communism to destroy the czar for protecting the Eastern Orthodox Church from papal sponsored crusades starting in 1090 AD and going forward.  This struggle continued with Serbian invasions through history, including the Croatian destruction of the Serbs during WWII.  See the books of Avro Manhattan.

v) In fact, the Commanding General of the Yugoslavian Air Force, upon hearing of the Vatican's role in WWII, planned to send his air force to bomb the Vatican. Takeoff was delayed 24 hours by bad weather. During this 24 hour period Hitler's army arrived in Yugoslavia and destroyed the airforce. Interesting, huh?   This is according to the books of  Avro Manhattan.

Now, concerning many "conspiracy theorists" and "conspiracy websites" -

In my opinion,  - they are part of the attempt to get Americans to fight against "Big Brother" and to confuse the issues and create a "cover."  If we do fight "Big Brother", we contribute to our own overthrow.  Remember, this website takes the position that we are not to fight to promote Christianity.  Let the world do what it will.  The Lord is our God and He will bring to pass what He desires.  We need to stay out of it.

The CIA and the KGB (both) have attempted to control the Vatican because the Vatican was THE source of intelligence for the CIA during the cold-war.  See Unholy Trinity by Loftus and Aarons.

The distinction between the KGB, CIA, and the Vatican are moot points at this stage in the game, because all three (or elements within all three) are in favor of a one world government of some sort.   See Malachi Martin's book.  If this does not tell you that there is NO hope in the world itself, then, I know nothing that could tell you.  No matter who comes out on top of this struggle, there will be no "democracy."  One wonders if the Jesuits are not in control of virtually all the intelligence communities (and terrorists) and that there are actually no real "conflicts" (such as Arab-Israeli, for example).  "Conflicts" only serve to promote circumstances conducive to Vatican hegemony.  This scenario becomes more likely daily.

Read the Book-

The Keys of this Blood, Struggle for Control of the New World Order by Malachi Martin published by Simon and Schuster, 1989

Many quotes from the Keys of this Blood .

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