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On a recent talk show the week of April 29, 2002, a guest said, “ we (the US) can no longer conduct shuttle diplomacy in the MidEast.  It will not work.  We need a permanent presence there to promote and preserve peace.”

If this becomes our policy, then, the US will need to establish a “MidEast” Headquarters.  From this “Headquarters” negotiations and enforcement will be easier (no matter who is doing this).
At this point it would be beneficial to have read the author’s article “ Is the Aftermath of 9-11 Described in the Book of Revelation? ”  One of the major points of the article is that the Antichrist initiates a 7-year period described as “the tribulation” by ENFORCING a peace agreement.  Revelation Chapters 6 – 19 describes details of the “tribulation.”

The Bible student may recall that a prophecy in the Book Of Daniel says the following about the Antichrist:

Daniel 11:45   And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.

Between the seas” refers to the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.  “In the glorious holy mountain ” refers to the mountains that are adjacent to and part of the “holy” city of Jerusalem.

Therefore, this prophecy says that the Antichrist will establish his offices “tabernacles of his palaces” in Jerusalem.   “ Tabernacles” is plural and means place of abode.  Therefore, the headquarters will be a “complex” and will include living quarters. From the “palace complex” the Antichrist will be enforcing MidEast peace.

Such a “complex” or “headquarters” is already being suggested.  Whoever has the power and authority will be the person occupying the “palace” during the events of the book of Revelation.

Identity of this person is discussed under another topic.  The beginnings of his kingdom are discussed here.

From the following website

we read:

Bridging the Rift


Bridging the Rift is a joint undertaking being developed by Cornell University in collaboration and at the invitation of Bridging the Rift Foundation (BTR). Bridging the Rift Foundation was established to achieve a single goal - to contribute to peace in the Middle East. The Foundation's mission is to "build an effective bridge between peoples in conflict areas by demonstrating the benefits of peace in measurable sustainable ways and collaborative programs involving economic development, cutting-edge research and advanced educational opportunities."

At the heart of the Foundation's initiative is the establishment of an educational facility that will be a center of education, research and development for the countries of Jordan and Israel. A Memorandum of Understanding between the governments of Jordan and Israel was signed in October 2001 authorizing the establishment of such a facility - called Bridging the Rift Center - to be built straddling the border between Jordan and Israel in the Araba/Arava region. Bridging the Rift Center will be the first institution of its kind in the Middle East. Initially open to exceptional students and researchers from Israel and Jordan, eventually students and scientists from other countries in the region will also come to the Center to collaborate, teach and learn.

Bridging the Rift and Cornell University

In May 2000, BTR Foundation invited Cornell University to help realize its vision and to develop a Cornell regional research and training program located at Bridging the Rift Center and at Cornell. President Rawlings signed a Memorandum of Agreement in June 2000, and a detailed contract has since been prepared. It was proposed that Cornell's regional initiative focus on computational and statistical genomics, with special reference to applied research that contributes to the region's economic development objectives.

This approach was welcomed and strongly endorsed by Jordanian and Israeli government leaders alike. The plan called for Cornell to recruit up to 30 students from Jordan, Israel and other countries in the Middle East to study for a MS or PhD in fields related to computational and statistical genomics. Research projects conducted by students would focus on discoveries or tools with commercial viability, and work closely with the Business Innovations and the Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Thrusts of the Genomics Initiative. This graduate degree program was to begin in January 2002.

Despite the concerted efforts of so many people over the last year, due to recent events in the region and internationally the political situation is too sensitive for the graduate degree program to proceed as scheduled, and this initiative is temporarily on hold.

and from the following website:

we read:
Posted on Fri, Feb. 27, 2004
Stanford Joins Project to Build Living Systems Data Bank

ITHACA, N.Y. (AP) - Stanford and Cornell universities will break ground next month in the Middle East on the world's first databank on all living systems.

The Bridging the Rift Center will be
built on a 150-acre site of land donated by Israel and Jordan, about 50 miles south of the Dead Sea.

The center will feature the Library of Life, where Cornell and Stanford scientists will gather, organize and model information to quantify and characterize all living systems from microbes to plants to animals.

The databank also will collect digital images and global positioning data as well as information from ecological and environmental investigations, molecular research and DNA sequencing.

``This project is an enormous undertaking, one that will require the collaboration of scientists from every corner of the world,'' said Cornell President Jeffrey Lehman, who will attend the March 9 groundbreaking.

The research center will develop computer modeling systems to make predictions at genetic levels, and help understand co-evolution of species and the ways in which ecology affects DNA, said Steven Tanksley, a professor of plant breeding at Cornell and the key adviser on the project.

Because the new databank will collect a diverse amount of information about living systems, it will be a major advancement over GenBank, the database operated by the National Institutes of Health in the United States, Tanksley said.

The living systems databank ``will evolve into the new basis for creativity and discoveries about the origins, mechanisms and interconnectedness of life forms,'' said Tanksley.

``This information will also expand, and in some ways change, how we view ourselves as the human species, in the larger context of life and universe,'' he said.

Wonder if the scope of the living systems data bank will extend to this ?

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