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The East-West fight goes back to 1054 when the Eastern Church and the Western Church (Rome) both declared themselves to be the SOLE UNIVERSAL church.  The results were the Vatican sponsored crusades (to conquer the Eastern Church and place it under the authority of Rome) and the ensuing political centuries. Get this fact firmly in your mind and you can begin to understand the rest of the history.

In the year 1453, the czar of Russia assumed the role of protector of the Eastern Orthodox Church, making the czar the enemy of the Vatican for over 400 years.  

All quotes are from Malchi Martin's 1989 Simon and Schuster book The Keys of this Blood unless otherwise cited.
Malachi Martin offers a criticism of the Russian Orthodox Church -  they were "a slave to the czar."   (page 211)

Avro Manhattan, in his book the The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance

"the evil of Bolshevism could ... be accepted in view of its having destroyed the Orthodox Church - with one proviso, however; that it would give Rome a free hand to finish the task of eliminating Orthodoxy in Russia once and for all...the deal was accepted...while the Vatican was publicly fulminating against Bolshevism...[the Kremlin and the Vatican] began secret negotiations ." (page 125)

One of the other reasons for this hatred of the Russians is that they had made an agreement with France in 1894 known as the Franco-Russian Dual Alliance.  This agreement motivated the Vatican to get Germany to attack Russia and France during WWI.  Of course, the Vatican already hated France for the French Revolution (1789) and its aftermath. 

It is admitted in The Keys of this Blood by Malachi Martin that the Vatican was kept from participation in the Versaille peace treaty after WWI because of "revenge." (Martin page 173)   The reason the allies sought " revenge" is not stated by Martin.  The truth is the Vatican role at the inception of WWI, part of the reason for which was to obtain the removal of the czarist protection of the Eastern Church. See the Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris and the Vatican Washington Moscow Aliiance by Avro Manhatten.

Dual agendas with the then Soviets was also conducted by Western captitalists.

The Vatican, which publicly decried the Bolsheviks (Lenin, etc.), secretly applauded the rise of Soviet communism as a weapon to destroy the czar (the protector of the Vatican's 1,000 year enemy, the Eastern Church).  Secret negotiations were initiated in 1917 between the Vatican and the Bolsheviks but "cutoff" by the communists around 1925 after a honeymoon that had lasted eight years. See Avro Manhattan's Vatican Billions page 125.  It might interest you to know that Lenin crossed the battlelines of WWI and safely entered Russia (to start the Bolshevik Revolution) riding in a train which was allowed through because it was flying the flag of the then Pope. However, the papacy was not the only supporter of the Bolshevik Revolution. The Bolsheviks had their support among the western capitalists who found it more profitable to deal with a dictatorship than to compete in an open market.

According to David Rockefeller, he has been doing "unbroken business with Soviet financial institutions for over 50 years."  This was stated in 1977 [JFK by Prouty]. Therefore, apparently soon after the Vatican left Russia, the "capitalist" moved in unhindered and started implementing their plan to merge east and west [economically] by funding the communists.  Therefore, both the Vatican and the capitalists have had a role in supporting the communists, but for different reasons.  Please make a dinstinction between capitalists and the government of the United States.  How long this distinction can continue to be made is any one's guess.

Vatican support within Germany continued into the Second World War.

"The Third Reich is the first world power which not only acknowledges but also puts into practice the high principles of the papacy." [Robert d'Harcourt of the French Academy: "Franz von Papen, l'homme a tout faire", L'Aube, 3 Oct 1946, cited by Edmond Paris on p. 165.]  By the way, Franz Von Papen was the number two man in Germany and was instrumental in Hitler's rise to power.  Von Papen was the Vatican's inside man in Germany and one of only three acquitted at Nuremburg.  It has been said that the Nazi movement was a "Christian retaliation for the spirit of 1789 ." (Paris, p. 10).  The statement is attributed to Von Papen.  Of course, the French Revolution (1789) saw the murder of many, including the Catholic clergy, along with the confiscation of church property and the destruction of Catholic influence.  The rise of the French Republic, Napoleon, etc. resulted in the eventual French OCCUPATION OF ROME UNTIL THE YEAR 1870, interrupted by the Franco-Prussian War.  Other results of the French Revolution include the elimination of "monarchies" and the introduction of democratic oriented "republics."  The TWO great Western enemies of the Vatican are "democracies", because they are more difficult to control, and protestantism, its theological rival. 

Though frequently calling for peace, the Vatican is as political as any secular nation.  The TWO-FINGERED sign the Pope frequently uses (often mistaken as a "peace" symbol) means:
1. Apostolic succession (power over all religions, including protestantism) and 
2. secular power (political power over all nations).
 [When the pope kisses the ground he is claiming the nation for the Roman Church.] 

The point of all this is to say that what appears to be the case in the most straight forward sense of things is not always true (especially in world politics).  This would be true today as well .  The reason that the "Clash of Civilizations" is underway is that each side (Islam and the West) believes it is being attacked by the other.  Islam does not hate what Americans believe.  Islam believes they are being attacked by America.  Americans do not hate the Islamists either.  Americans believe they are being attacked by Islam.  The real question - what is the ultimate cause for these beliefs on both sides?  World power politics is not a simple topic and if we had the answer to this question, we would understand what a dangerous world this is really going to become.

Another relatively recent example of "strange" world politics took place in 1972 at the Nixon White House. Under the auspices of the Department of  Commerce, a conference was held the title of which was roughly this- "Business in the 1990s."  One of the topics was the merger of East and West around mid-1990.  

Gven the few facts shared here, do you believe that America will continue forever as a free nation or do you believe the Bible is true when it says you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark ?  

We know very little about world politics.  All the present author knows is what he reads which is readily available to all.  The only reason the presnt author looked carefully at these readily available books - he believes the Bible is true, he knew what the Bible said, and he knew that the world system as described in Revelation was not going to fall out of the sky the day after the rapture.  So, therefore, he simply "watched" because he wanted to try to understand why men do things.

He found that ALL men do things for the same reason - SELF.  Men can not stop building things on their own anvil.  If a man is not defeated, he does not NEED grace.  Grace can not come to a "rich" man.  Grace comes to "poor" men - men with needs, defeated men.  There are not many "wise" men chosen.  It is the helpless "babes" whom God nourishes and saves.  "These things are hid from the wise and the prudent, but revealed unto babes."

In case we miss it the first time, the Bible tells us twice in Proverbs that what "seems right" are "the ways of death."

Proverbs 14:12   There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Proverbs 16:25   There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

"The proud in heart is an ABOMINATION to God."

We are all saved from the fate of our own selves by the Grace of God only.  Regardless of religious affiliation, one of the biggest problems in the world is the ever popular making of heaven-on-earth.  Absolutely every single major religion and denomination practices some form of this, varying only in degree.

We all need deliverance from our own "devices ."    God help us.  He is our only help.  Otherwise, God could gives us what we "want" and send "leanness into our souls."

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