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Quotes are fom the Keys of this Blood by Malachi Martin, published by Simon and Schuster 1989, unless otherwise cited.  These are not my words, but those of Malachi Martin.

"When John Paul started into the millennium endgame -when HE INITIATED IT -all of his moves were tied to his clear but decidedly long-range vision that he could supersede the plans of both East and West; and, further, that he could LEAVEN and finally SUPPLANT those SUPERPOWER PLANS with SOME SYSTEM that would tie the condition of the whole world no longer to the success barometers in Moscow and Washington but to the legitimate and absolute needs of the whole of mankind" [as defined by the pope].  (page 41)  (emphasis added)

These words say the Pope INITIATED the endgame, i.e., HE CAUSED the other two parties to ACT in a way he desired.  Furthermore, they say he sought to LEAVEN, i.e., he sought to infiltrate his own ideas (by mixture with the other parties' ideas and objectives) in such a way as to SUPPLANT (or overthrow) their plans in order to create SOME SYSTEM not dependent on the objectives of Russia or the US.  In short,

Marin says further-
"he came to the papacy, therefore, CERTAIN in the knowledge that the old order had to go." (page 41)

He knew WHERE to BEGIN and HOW to proceed according to Malachi Martin-

"the Holy Father's own CERTAINTY that the locus of change must lie within Eastern Europe was not mere whim or contrariness or personal will.  It was not even luck or untutored intuition.  It was based on the CAREFUL PENETRATION of what the West long regarded as the Soviet enigma.  It was rooted in the FACTS OF HARD-NOSED INTELLIGENCE ; facts he analyzed without the impediment of an ideology rooted in the motives of profit [the West] or seduced by the siren song of raw power [the Soviet block]."  (page 41) (* emphasis added)

Martin discusses the political policy of the Vatican from 1959-1978-

"The policy toward the Soviet Union initiated in 1959-60 by Pope John XXIII, and subsequently elaborated from 1963 to 1978 into the well-known Ostpolitik of the Vatican under Pope Paul VI, presented a PRACTICAL PROBLEM for John Paul ... it was the SAME POLICY of containment that the Western powers had adopted toward the USSR ..." (page 41) (emphasis added)

The "practical problem" was, in other words, how do you VIOLATE YOUR PUBLIC AGREEMENT NOT TO SUBVERT THE SOVIET UNION and get away with it?

Martin describes the solution-

"The solution for John Paul lay in the fact that there was nothing in the Vatican's Ostpolitik, and nothing in the Vatican protocols, to keep him from attempting an END RUN AROUND the Soviet Party-State."  (page 43) (* emphasis added)

You could use your spy network, some of whom are dressed as priests, to act as your surrogate and do your bidding - which is exactly what he did (according to Martin).

"In precisely such a move, the New Holy Father set about building closer and ever closer ties with the Russian Orthodox Church and with Eastern Orthodoxy in general."  (page 44) 

Specifically, Martin says-
"By the opening of the eighties, about half of the Orthodox prelates were ALREADY SECRETLY PREPARED, if the opportunity were afforded, to place themselves under the ecclesiastical unity of the Roman Pope.  A sociocultural LEAVENINGWITHIN THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH had been produced .  While the Vatican's Ostpolitik remained undisturbed, a deep cultural change was being effected COVERTLY within the body of Russian Orthodox BELIEVERS that could lead in the long run-as all deep cultural changes do-to sociopolitical change."  (page 44) (emphasis added)

Was this COVERT policy known to the US?  On the contrary, it was conducted as part of a subversive plan developed in tandem with the Reagan White House.  [See the Feb 28, 1992 cover story of Time Magazine.]

"... this was not a pope for halfhearted ventures, nor for half an international policy.  His end run around Soviet officialdom was not a religious gambit, but a GEOPOLITICAL STRATEGY , and it was therefore joined to a twin policy toward the West.  His concern, in other words, was not only to produce a change in the policies of ... the USSR [but] AT LEAST AS MUCH OF HIS ATTENTION, AND GREAT DEAL MORE OF HIS PHYSICAL ENERGY, was devoted to a CHANGE in the increasingly materialist, anti-Church and anti-God stance of the Golden Internationale [an expression meaning the Western capitalists] of the Western capitalist nations ."   (page 45) (emphasis added)

This policy was so successful that it resulted in the US, Marin says-

"reestablish[ing] formal diplomatic relations between Washington and the Vatican."   (page 45)

Can anyone say that the Vatican is NOT an active participant in World Power Politics upon reading this?

The power of the Vatican is so great that Martin would say that Gorbachev did not

"as a Leninist ... covet the Roman Church as the geopolitical POWER TOOL IT IS,"  (page 31) (* emphasis added)

How pervasive is the "power tool?"

Martin answers by saying that Gorbachev had followed the Pope's lead to alter the thinking of the West.

"Gorbachev's greatest triumph can only be described as a phenomenal VICTORY in the opening phase of the millennium endgame.  For, by the early days of 1990, not only scholars and commentators but virtually every political and entrepreneurial leader of the West, on both sides of the Atlantic, was not only contemplating but talking and planning about Mikhail Gorbachev's proposal for a new "European" community, comprising some 800 million people and stretching westward from the train yards of Vladivostok to the sun-drenched beaches of CALIFORNIA .  Whatever geopolitical fate might ultimately await Gorbachevism, Gorbachev had indeed TAKEN UP JOHN PAUL's CHALLENGE with GUSTO ...he had created a NEW MIND in the West ."   (page 30) (* emphasis added)

To demonstrate the apparent success of the Vatican's anti-Western policy, Martin cites its inception and says that during the reign of Paul VI (1963),

"the Sacraments of the Church as the watchwords of hope in this world were replaced by HUMAN SOLIDARITY , which became the aim and centerpiece of Catholic striving..."

"Ecumenicism was no longer an attempt to heal the heretical and schismatic rifts that over the centuries had split the one Church Christ had founded... Ecumenicism was a means not of genuine healing but of LEVELING DIFFERENCES of whatever kind between ALL CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS AND NONBELIEVERS..."

"Liberation was, therefore, no longer release from sin and its dire effects.  It was the struggle against oppression by big capital and by the authoritarian colonialist powers of the West - particularly the United States as THE ARCHVILLAIN of ALL HUMAN HISTORY ."  (page 260)  (* emphasis added)

If, in the words of Malachi Martin, the Pope's policy is to " leaven " and "supplant" the "superpower plans", how can it be said that the Vatican is purely a religious organization?

An historical example of Vatican politics .

We know very little about world politics.  All the present author knows is what he reads which is readily available to all.  The only reason he looked carefully at these readily available books - he believes the Bible is true, he knew what the Bible said, and he knew that the world system as described in Revelation was not going to fall out of the sky the day after the rapture.  So, therefore, the present author simply "watched" because he wanted to try to understand why men do things.

He found that ALL men do things for the same reason - SELF.  Men can not stop building things on their own anvil.  If a man is not defeated, he does not NEED grace.  Grace can not come to a "rich" man.  Grace comes to "poor" men - men with needs, defeated men.  There are not many "wise" men chosen.  It is the helpless "babes" whom God nourishes and saves.  "These things are hid from the wise and the prudent, but revealed unto babes."

In case we miss it the first time, the Bible tells us twice in Proverbs that what "seems right" are "the ways of death."

Proverbs 14:12   There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Proverbs 16:25   There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

"The proud in heart is an ABOMINATION to God."

We are all saved from the fate of our own selves by the Grace of God only. Either fall on the stone and be "broken"  or the stone falls on you and "grinds [you] to powder." (Math 21:44)  Those are our only two choices.  The "stone" is the Lord Jesus Christ.

We all need deliverance from our own "devices ."    God help us.  He is our only help.  Otherwise, God could gives us what we "want" and send "leanness into our souls."  Making heaven on earth is not one of our Biblical options.

My advice-

If you are going to study Babylon the Great without a proper relationship to the Lord, stop now.   It will only serve  to WORSEN your condition.  Before you know it,  you will be superior to others.  I have met people with attitudes who enjoy watching the corruption that comes from the pride others.

It is a painful thing  for me  when  I  think of what worldly men will have to endure.  It is my hope that some of them can be saved.

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