The Palestinians Shall Escape Out of His Hand

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The following is said of the antichrist-
Daniel 11:41   He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon.

We know that the "glorious land" is Israel, but who are EDOM, MOAB, and AMMON?

The identity of the Moabites:

Ancient nation located in the uplands east of the Dead Sea and now a part of Jordan. The area is unprotected from the east hence its history is a chain of raids by the Bedouins. The Moabites were close kin to the Hebrews and the language of the Moabite Stone is practically the same as biblical Hebrew. The relations of Moab with Judah and Israel are continually mentioned in the Bible. As a political entity Moab came to an end after the invasion (circa 733 BC) of Tiglath-Pileser III of Assyria

The identity of the Edomites:

Edom: (red) the name Edom was given to Esau, the first-born son of Isaac and twin brother of Jacob, when he sold his birthright to the latter for a meal of lentil pottage. The country which the Lord subsequently gave to Esau was hence called the country of Edom and his descendants were called Edomites. Edom was called Mount Seir and Idumea also. Edom was wholly a mountainous country. It embraced the narrow mountainous tract (about 100 miles long by 20 broad) extending along the eastern side of the Wadi Arabah from the northern end of the Gulf of Elath to near the southern end of the Dead Sea . The ancient capital of Edom was Bozrah. Petra appears to have been the principal stronghold in the days of Amaziah (BC 838). Elath and Ezion Geber were the seaports.

This is that part of Jordan extending from the Gulf to the Dead Sea.  Petra is a city inside modern Jordan.

The identity of the Ammonites:

This website shows  "obverse diademed head of Alexander the Great wearing the horn of Ammon"Remember, that the primary attribute of the the beast is that of a leopard ( Alexander the Great's empire ).

Who is this Ammon that Alexander the Great is honoring?

The following website shows that Ammon is a Greek God.  Once again the leopard.

The website says:
Some 400 kilometers to the west lay the Siwa oasis, which was famous for its oracle of Ammon, a god whose cult had been propagated in Greece by the poet Pindar. He had been the first Greek to dedicate an ode to the god and one of the first Greeks to erect a statue to the god. Alexander must have known the shrine of Zeus Ammon in the Macedonian town Aphytis, and it is perhaps not too far-fetched to assume that Alexander spared the house of Pindar (above) because of the statue.

Now where did this Ammon eventuate?

From Strong's Exhaustive Concordance as cited on this website, we find-
"an ancient people of uncertain origin, perhaps, inhabitants of ancient Ammon east of the Jordan (River)"

What exactly is this city today?
From the following website we find

The modern city of Amman, Jordan, sits on the site of ancient Rabbath-ammon, capital of the territory of Ammon . Ammon, located to the northeast of the Dead Sea, between the rivers Arnon and Jabbok, was one of ancient Israel's neighbors and, quite often, one of her enemies.

We may conclude that Edom, Moab, and Ammon constitute the people of the Western side of Jordan; in fact, the entire Israeli-Jordan border.  Therefore, it can be said that the antichrist will allow the people of western Jordan to escape .  It is well known that the population of the entire country of Jordan is 75 percent "Palestinian."    The verse says "the CHIEF of the CHILDREN of Ammon."    Since Ammon is the capitol of Jordan, this is is a significant statement.

Why would the antichrist allow the Palestinians to escape unless he had an affinity for them?

Please remember that Amman Jordan is less than 50 miles from Jerusalem .
The antichrist is also given a crown .  Donald Rumsfeld alluded to a new political entity in the Washington Post on 8-6-2002. Read about his comments in the "crown" link above.  Could this "crown" be for ruling an extended Iraq?

In a recent interview it was stated that King Abdullah of Jordan would follow a "Jordan First" policy.   Therefore, he is already saying that EDOM, MOAB, and AMMON (since they are his own people) will be allowed protection (if and when the king enters the INTERNATIONAL arena).
End 03-24-2003


from the website-
we read how the Jordanian branch of PLA (Palestinian Liberation Army) may be move to the Palestinian Authoritiy's areas f occupation in Gaza or the West  Bank.  This is significant in two regards-
1) It places the Edomites, the Moabites, and the children of Ammon within the present borders of Israel itself
2) It gives the Jordanian King some authority over PA troops inside the "Palestinian State."

AMMAN – The Jordan headquarters of the Palestinian Liberation Army has not seen so much action in years. Every few minutes another car stops in front of the unassuming two-story building in an Amman residential neighborhood and young men dressed in jeans and wearing knit caps get out.

Streams of others who took the bus come down the street by foot. They all heard or read the same thing. Their army has called for recruits and they are rushing to enlist.

They have one goal. They want to be among the thousands of PLA soldiers that might be deployed in the Palestinian Authority areas as a security force. The recent announcement by the Jordanian government that the Badr Brigade could be deployed has aroused the hopes of thousands of Palestinians to return to the land of their parents.

"I want to go back to my country," said Muhammad Abdulkarim, 21, as he walked toward the entrance with his brother and a friend. He traveled from the city of Zarqa, where he was born. His parents are from the village of Tubas, near Nablus.

Until just days ago, the Badr Brigade – the Jordanian branch of the PLA – was a symbolic brigade of the symbolic Palestinian army, which has other branches around the Arab world. Now it may become a large active force once again.

In 1964, the PLA was an army with which to be reckoned. Established to "liberate Palestine," the brigades were highly trained by each of the Arab countries in which they were hosted. The soldiers are all either Palestinian refugees or their descendants.

But since the Oslo Accords in 1993 and the Jordan-Israel peace treaty the following year, the Badr Brigade cannot any longer plan to "liberate Palestine."

As one Jordanian analyst put it, "Their main task has been to march in front of the king on Muslim holidays and collect their salaries at the end of the month."

Last month, King Abdullah II reportedly suggested sending part of the brigade to the West Bank or Gaza Strip. Last week, Foreign Minister Hani Mulki said the forces are being offered to help provide a security net when the IDF withdraws from Gaza. Mulki also said Amman would not send Jordanian soldiers or policemen to PA areas, adding that "the brigade soldiers are Palestinians and have no connection to Jordan" other than having trained there.

But the soldiers at brigade headquarters have another story to tell. " If you don't have a Jordanian passport or a Jordanian ID, you can't enlist ," said one officer. Moreover, young men of Palestinian origin are not allowed to hold a Palestinian ID.

End 02-12-2005

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