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September 23, 2017 Discussion   11-12-2017
Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, Our Bridegroom!! 

Since the Bible says that the authorities that exist are ordained by God, then, we should always obey those in authority in our nation.  The Bible says we should live quietly and peaceably with all men.  We are to be guided into the patient waiting for our Lord. We are "strangers and pilgrims" in this world, just passing through.  Life is "just a vapour and vanishes away."  Because of these things, this website has nothing to do with politics whatsoever.  Let those in charge do what they will.  All things are in the Lord's hands.  This website is merely an observer, a study of events and developments in the light of scripture.  The only actions we hope you make are to get right with the Lord before it is too late.  It is not our role to transform society, influence politics, or make the world or any of its inhabitants conform to our beliefs.  This is a matter for the individual to decide - whether or not he believes the Bible as truth.  If no one believes what I say here, I will have done my job which is to share my own experience of faith.  If you read the Bible, you find that Jesus is coming back...  Will you be ready???  

God bless you and may the sobering reality of God's mercy be your sole source of satisfaction .  When I say this, it is not some religious platitude.  The depth of this wish is beyond my ability to express in words.

From personal experience, I can honestly say there is NO substitute for a personal study of the WORD of God.   The WORD of God performs all the purposes of God .  To neglect the Word of God is to ignore the Almighty Himself.

Isaiah 55:11    So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth : it shall not return unto me void , but it shall accomplish that which I please , and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it .

This website is not about making "predictions."  This website is about watching the news to see how it fits into Bible prophecy.  As the news develops, we get a clearer picture of what the Bible is actually saying will transpire.  The objective, then, is a synthesis of current events and the Bible.  An hypothesis may be put forward, but only if there is a scriptural basis for doing so.  An hypothesis might be wrong, but, the Bible is never wrong.  I am nothing, my opinion means nothing; what the Bible says is paramount. All hypotheses are left on the site (for the sake of honesty), even if they prove to be incorrect.  One objective of the site is to stir the reader to study the Bible for himself.  If you see something we need to report, please let us know.  It is perfectly clear already that the Bible is an AMAZING BOOK of HISTORY TOLD IN ADVANCE .

Now live peacably with all men, seek peace with all men, obey those in authority, pray for all leaders, be harmless as a dove, and believe the Lord.   Let each man be persuaded in his own mind of the truth of God.


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Some quotes from mere men  -   08-31-2003

(John Calvin)
As he is confronted by God [man] must crumple up into utter NOTHINGNESS ."

In our body and soul there is in the eyes of God NOTHING BUT REPULSIVE FILTH. "

The more outstanding a man is, the more he is unceasingly goaded by his ambition - an evil which sullies ALL his virtues so that they lose ALL merit in the sight of God.  Each of us seeks his own, and hence ALL our own thoughts, words, and works (however well they appear) cannot stand the test of divine judgment . "

"Our understanding is so smitten with blindness, our heart and its motions so evil and corrupt, in fact our whole nature so depraved, that we can do NOTHING ELSE BUT SIN until He Himself creates in us a new WILL ."

(Louis Armstrong)
There are some people that if they don’t know, you can't tell them ."
(General Robert E Lee, upon retirement)
A man of proper Christian sensibility is totally unfit for the military. "

(Some preacher)
Sin is not what you do wrong-it's looking at God and saying, "You're not enough, and I'm going to find some way to make my life work without you."

(Some preacher) " The wild popularity of a book, among the Christian culture of America, even among a large number of pastors, is more often an indicator of superficiality and error than of truth and sound doctrine. "

(Yours truly)
The issue is not the ten commandments, but authority and whose authority will be obeyed, our own or the Almighty's.  At the root of "JudgeMania" is personal authority run amuck.  Endemic to our society and education is the exaltation of our own personal authority.  The reason abortionists ("pro-choicers") and opposers of capital punishment are usually the same people is that both positions allow them to retain their own personal authority.  Personal authority is on the throne in this country.  However, fighting against these people is supporting their argument.  Once you enter the arena, you will be perceived by them as exercising YOUR personal authority.  You can never argue with an unbeliever about authority.  Your arguing proves his point.   It is better to relent to proper authority than demonstrate to the world that YOU are on the throne.   Even the Israelites were told to submit to the King of Babylon, a pagan.  See Jeremiah 27:12

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